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Principal's Message

Message of the Principal A five years back, it was a proposed name and prospect, now after a three year, it’s an enthusiastic present that Gazipur City College shares a great post of educational institution not only in Gazipur district but also in Bangladesh. It is an extra ordinary institution that stands with an acceptable position and a difference. Lots of facilities are provided here such as internet facilities, extra class after routine schedule, implementation of supervising system in activities, a three ours tutorial exam in every month, all activities and served here with a two year planned academic calendar, systematic class test and sudden test. Provide an every month-quit test ...more

President's Message

Message of the Chairman With the name of all mighty Allah, the most benevolent and merciful, first I would like to congratulate all play roles here at Gazipur City College. They are the members of the board of governors Gazipur City Development Foundation including all kinds of people of Gazipur who protested first against Pakistanian barbarism in the liberation war in 1971 and other well wishers. I would like to give my heartiest gratitude to the board author’s and ministry of education to enlist this college in code (2227) and govt. affiliations. The local administrative authority always in help with full hands. Gratitude also goes to them. Now it is time for won. We want education a ...more

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